More Bigfoot Drama


Some years ago, I got into an email exchange with a certain official with the USDA Forest Service over an article on this website.  I was counseled by the owner of this website (she is now deceased) not to expect a whole lot of cooperation from the government over this alleged event, being as how the US Forest Service does not even keep decent records of accidents and/or disappearances in their national parks.  (This I verified through other means, they absolutely do not!)

The official I corresponded with was unable (or unwilling) to provide any information on this event, stating emphatically that this event couldn’t have happened on his watch without him knowing about it.  He also claimed that many of the locations didn’t exist, though I believe he is either lying or is simply ignorant about place names that may have been changed over the years.

In the end, I was most likely written off as a nut job, though I sense that somehow he wanted to say more, but couldn’t.  Knowing the US Government, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that it is capable of cover-ups.  I feel this man is muzzled.

No, I’m not admitting there are huge, hairy ape men prowling around in the woods, but, I do believe there is something to this story.  I’ve stuck my neck out on issues, before, (and was wrong) and am willing to say that SOMETHING happened in this area during the time frame mentioned.  WHAT it was that happened… well, I’m still digging.

The readers may judge for themselves what exactly happened.  If anyone knows anything about this event, they are welcome to comment.  It’s over forty years since this thing happened… IF it happened… and there must be someone out there that knows what went down.  Perhaps some family members that would like to close the book on the mysterious death/s of their loved one/s?

For me… the case is still open.


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