The Strangest Story Ever Told… *LOL*


In my continuing battle against bullshit in high and low places, I wish to explore the strange tale of a prospector who ran afoul of some unearthly creatures in Eastern Alaska around the turn of the 20th Century.  One Harry D. Colp, and three others were out in Wrangell, Alaska, prospecting for gold.  I’ll let the reader get the background for this here.

Well… there could be several good explanations as to what happened on that fateful trip.  I do know, for a fact, that ol’ Charlie was bullshitting his way toward a single share of the mother lode he found while alone on his prospecting trip!  Yes, it’s the only plausible explanation for what went down out there in “Devil’s Country”.

Charlie got out there and discovered treasure beyond his wildest dreams.  Then he got to thinking why should he share all of this wealth?  So, he concocted the devil story, based upon the local superstitions of the natives, using it to his advantage in hopes of discouraging his partners from going up there.  He would later go up there and dig up the gold for himself, having to share it with no one.  Not a bad scheme!

Anyway, there’s no evidence that the other three ever went out there to check out his story, so my theory is as good as any.  It wouldn’t be the first time that greed overtook a man.  It’s also plain that stories like these are fodder for the humanists in their quest to destroy Christianity and establish paganism as the world religion.  The infidels are still looking for their elusive “missing link” to tie humanity to apes AND authenticate their specious evolutionary theories.

Bigfoot and UFO’s provide a distraction from the plain truth of the gospel, fanciful theories designed for one purpose: eradicate the memory and knowledge of God from the minds of men!

Nothing happened up there in Thomas Bay other than a scheme to get rich using the superstitions of pagans as a tool to that end.  The same thing goes on, today, with so-called ‘scientists’ looking to make their fortunes pushing bullshit evolutionism on a superstitious society ignorant of truth.

The Colp story is a prime example of the folly that superstition brings.  The fairy story that there are aliens and giant apes running around in Alaska’s hinterlands feeds the unnatural desire that infidels have for anything that will suppress their inborn feelings of responsibility toward their creator.

*UPDATE:  I found an interesting theory as to what happened that year so long ago and thought that it might be worth a look-see… HERE.  I’ll let the reader decide which is more plausible.

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