The Depths We Go To

The human psyche is an amazing thing.  The depths that it is willing to plummet to in order to avoid dealing with things that it cannot accept or control is nothing less than stupendous.  What society has been force-fed in terms of religion is a prime example of that innate component within us that wants to understand our existence, if there is some grand design to it or simply just to figure out why we’re here at all.

No one needs to tell me where the bear sits, as it were.  I know what the score is, having been in both worlds… the world of the infidel AND the believer.  Most will not take the time to search out truth, leaving that for others to do for them.  This is probably the biggest problem with society, allowing itself to be led like sheep and not questioning authority, religious or secular.

An interesting article by Henry Makow, here, illustrates my point.  It’s almost hilarious how the world has swallowed so much bullshit in place of that which it is man’s PRIVELEGE to know and understand.  Amazing how we’ll believe the most outlandish CRAP over something that would, when given due time and consideration, FAR outshines that which is considered “empirical”.

Like, for example, the latest attempt by the humanists to backtrack on their original theory that mankind is descended from apes.  It’s laughable to even consider such a theory, and even they have now realized this and are now saying that we share a common ancestor.  Most of the younger crowd were raised on this edited form of humanism, but, we old-timers still remember the original garbage they were pushing and we do not let them off the hook so easily!

As mentioned in Henry’s article, the UFO craziness (which was at it’s height in my day, and is now resurging) is blamed now upon man’s acceptance of alien technology, as opposed to those aliens actually visiting us in PERSON.  True, there are many “skunkwork” black-op projects out there that the public are not in on, and if there is any collaboration with alien intelligences, I assure you, dear reader, they are not of the stereotypical “little green men” or “greys” origin.

What it all boils down to is what we are willing to swallow if it will make us feel better about ourselves.  There are many that cannot accept the reality that there is a God that designed and now controls the universe and are willing to embrace ANYTHING that will placate their offense at such a reality.  I, myself, have never been one that is willing to stick my head in a hole and leave my ass unprotected… which is exactly what the Godless masses have done and are doing.  ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ is rampant in today’s secular society.

Religion runs this world, however, and it always shall.  The New World Order is built upon paganism, which IS a religion, and anti-Christian religion.  It has adopted many forms and teaching to move with the times, but, it is what it is.  It is a divergence from truth.  The powers that be do not want you to know that you were not born to be their slaves.

The choice is always ours.  The end result will be what we asked for.

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