The Latest Round…


… of bullshit.

Funny how all of the OTHER shit we have constantly before us always gets lost in the background of the current insanity!

Of COURSE it’s all bullshit!  Guess what?  We’ve had this Ebola around like FOREVER, along with Bubonic Plague, Leprosy, Malaria, foot rot, bad breath… the list goes on.

Whatever it takes, the Illuminati wants to see to it that the masses are kept in a constant state of fear.  That’s how they can then ‘come to the rescue’, by fabricating calamities and then pretend to solve them.  And, it always seems to work with the vast majority, too busy with life’s business to actually question these things.

Go into any hospital and there it is… the fucking hand cream station where you can disinfect yourself so you won’t die in convulsions on their floor, because, some super bug caught you dirty-handed.  Worse, you might spread your filth throughout the entire hospital and that would force the nurses and orderlies to actually attend to their patients, which would require them to come out from behind their duty station and put off their coffee break/gossip session for a time.

Fuck Ebola, just like fuck SARS and all those other make-believe ‘pandemics’ that were surely going to end the world by now.  It’s all of it crap, but, if you enjoy being scared shitless so you won’t venture outdoors without a NASA space suit, by all means, sit there in front of the boob tube and ingest your daily dosage of elitist crapola.  They’ll come up with some kind of shot you can take or maybe some fluid you can gargle, a placebo (at best) to make you feel better and you can worship these assholes for saving your hypochondriac ass.

Thanks to Henry Makow for the ‘toon… LOL!


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