The Bigfoot Scam

I think we’ve all seen this stuff, before…

Unfortunately, it’s just another round of the same old bullshit the Bigfoot cranks have been pushing for decades.  Ever since the sixties, this has been going on.  Funny how one NEVER heard of any of these things before then, isn’t it?  Right around the time when everyone was into so-called “mind-expanding” drugs and “getting back to the land”… yeah, that says a lot, doesn’t it?

Here’s my take on what might have happened.  While the campers were out in the woods, smoking various indigenous plants and imbibing some of the local fungi, a bear came a-callin’, looking for some easy food and trashed the place.  The campers returned, probably quite wobbly by now, decided that they must have literally stumbled upon the wrong camp and left to find their own… or they were just too lazy to clean it up and just left it.  Apparently, that sort of thing happens a lot, by accounts of park authorities.  Of course, the most likely scenario is the whole film is bullshit.

And people call ME a conspiracy nut… I tend to stay with stuff that can be proved, limitations that the ape man aficionados don’t seem to be burdened with, yet they seem to have more credibility than me!  Is society really getting THAT stupid?

I remember when the Patterson Film first came out.  I was a believer, however, I was a lot younger and not too experienced.  Later, it was found to be a hoax, and that was when I became skeptical of the whole Bigfoot issue.  Nowadays, I peruse Bigfoot videos mostly to ridicule and laugh.

Why would I do such a thing when my own theories and facts are often the subject for ridicule by ignorant people that seem content to allow themselves to be reduced to the status of modern serfs?  Because, this thing is simply another attempt by the Zionists to promote Godless theories and divert people’s attention away from truth.  Scientists consider that IF this thing exists, it must be some kind of evolutionary throwback or missing link.  Either way, it downplays man’s connection with an omnipotent creator.  I realized this after I became ‘enlightened’, as it were.  It plays right into the hands of the evolutionists and so do the dupes that believe it.

Remember the old UFO stories, replete with the vague descriptions, conflicting accounts, fuzzy pictures, etc.?  I’ve faked a few of those, myself, it’s really easy to do, and people WANT to believe, even afterward when I told them they were fake.  I think this is the case with Bigfoot.  People cotton to the idea of some big hairy ape wandering around out there in the woods, it gives their mundane lives some excitement and purpose.  I guess being created beings of an almighty God, princes and princesses, if you will, isn’t exciting enough for most folk.  Far more exciting being the spawn of some ass-picking, moth-eaten gorilla!

Now here’s a video of the big guy we can ALL get into… and he’s not fuzzy, either…

Lol… well, I’m still not a believer, sorry to say.  This thing, like many of those other weird and wonderful mysteries out there, is just smoke and mirrors.  I wouldn’t put it past the elitist-controlled government to somehow come up with some reasonable facsimile of this hairy myth to impress further upon the people that they are children of blind chance and luck and the offspring of various gelatinous and hairy progenitors… and they will lap it up like hungry dogs.

Because… the alternative, sadly enough, for them, is just too unthinkable.


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