Butthead Harper Singing His Masters’ Song… Again

Our idiot elitist-pawn prime minister is once again making the news… in a bad way…

Harper, like his big brother, Obama, is always quick to jump to his banker bosses’ wishes for starting a war, somewhere.  Though the Ukraine thing is clearly sponsored by the Crown, (that secretive enclave in the middle of London, UK) and the banker cabal, the masses prefer to believe the lies that they are fed from the puppet media.  These will always see to it that the brainwashing is complete.

It’s plain to those that can think that the only ones that will ever reach any significant level of power in any country are those that have sold their allegiance to the Zionists.  Harper has always maintained that he is a staunch supporter of Israel and Zionism and this is enough all by itself to condemn the idiot.  Now, he is ‘considering’ lending military aid to the other idiot and homosexual currently inhabiting the White House with his cross-dressing ‘wife’.  This he has done, before, in the Libyan fiasco where a sovereign country was invaded and taken over and it’s president assassinated.

The really guilty ones in all of this are the dupes that join up to fight in these campaigns, wars run by the super rich, for the super rich, manned and fought, of course, by the cannonfodder lower classes.  You’ll never see a rich man fight his own battles when there are plenty of retards to do the dirty work for them.

I guess we’ll always have war as long as there are fools that are willing to trade their lives for $$$ and a pat on the head from some rich fuck and his puppet.


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