“Justice” NWO-Style

A piece of shit on trial for setting a woman on fire doesn’t even have to appear in court…

See here.

The clown sits safely in some padded room, somewhere, out of the sight (and reach) of those he victimized, while they have to make the effort to attend in person.  Sound like justice to you?  It sure does… for the criminal, that is.  Let’s see if we can’t provide some justice for the victims by posting the asshole’s picture and name…

Piece of shit Black

Leslie Black

Is this a winner or what?

Oh, and the gutless creep gets to decide whether or not his trial is by judge or jury!  My, low-lives surely do enjoy special privileges in this world of the super-rich bankers, don’t they?

Well, what can I say?  This is the world that pagans envision as perfection, free from any moral code or accountability.  Black is merely a product of that society.  Atheists should be proud they have such spokesmen to promote and highlight their grand proposition.  Fortunately, though, they’re all full of shit and are doomed to reap what they, themselves, have sown.

Black is the poster boy for the New World Order… remember him well!

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