It’s ALL Related

The cares of this life have prevented me from adding any posts to this site, as of late, but, I’ll take a stab at something, today.

Not being a fan of the mainstream media, being known for it’s lies and complicity in the New World Order agenda, I’m not always ‘hep’ to the latest goings-on in the world.  One thing that’s certain is that the forces of darkness have consolidated their hold upon the governments of the world and that the crisis in Europe involving Russia and the Ukraine has reached an epic point.

Our own pseudo-government has revealed it’s brown-nosing talent and has gone ahead with leveling sanctions against Russia for it’s supposed aggressions, though these are of course merely western moves to help the Zionist elite move closer to conquering the hold-outs toward the imperial fascist oligarchy planned for the world.  I’m not feeling too sorry for Vladimir Putin, either, knowing that for fact that ALL world leaders are card-carrying Illuminati operatives.  It’s those simple common folk like you and I that are, as usual, bearing the brunt of the problems associated with rich fucks stretching their empirical bones, wanting to expand their already lush and ample territories.

These things have to be, it’s just the way that things are being allowed to play out.  We are going to have to go through these times as the scripture tells us, it’s all a part of Satan being allowed to fully reveal his evil and demented nature.  Those whom he has duped into following him shall also be allowed to play their hands and that means that many of us are going to go through some really tough times before this thing is over.

The days of plenty and of security and prosperity are gone for good.  Even nature is feeling the brunt of evil with complicit men of ‘science’ fooling around with our weather.  C’mon, now, you mean to tell me that the abrupt and radical weather changes that we’ve had, particularly here in North America, is simply “climate change” in action?  No, I’m afraid it’s not that simple.  There are installations around the globe that have their high energy electromagnetic arrays trained on our fragile ionosphere, and THAT is what’s responsible for the shitty weather that’s been plaguing us for the last decade.  It isn’t carbon emissions or any such truck, it’s evil and duped men playing with things that they hardly understand.  Think of some kid wandering into a whorehouse and you’ll have the idea.

The only thing that I can offer in the way of hope for y’all is to focus on what God has promised in His word, which is these things must come to pass before things can get better, and they will.  Think of it like some case of a really bad flu which has to take it’s course.  Of course, all flu’s are merely the body’s attempts to right itself from our attempts to destroy it, they really shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing.  Look at it as a chance to get away from the gristmill most of us have been chained to since we got out of the elitist daycare, a.k.a. public school, most of us were consigned to by our well-meaning but thoroughly ignorant parents, when we were young’uns.  When the time is right, God will take care of these morons that dared to presume that THEY somehow had the wisdom to take over the reigns of the universe from the One that created everything.

I get an excellent example of this mentality, every day, out there on the highways and byways.  People with absolutely no clue as to the basic tenets of handling motor vehicles, thinking they are going to write the book on how driving should be done.  These are the same as those that think they have the right to rule over all the rest of us, through some deluded idea that they are some kind of elite.  I could tell you what I know about inbreeds… something like what we’re dealing with, here, with these so-called “bloodlines”.  Imagine that… a world led by inbreeds!  How does that make you feel?  That’s what you got!  Bet that helps you make some sense out of the senselessness going on, eh?


It’s brunch time… have a nice day!


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