Wow, The Stupidity!

Some young dumbass pervert got kicked out of his home by his righteous parents… he went whining to YouTube and this is the result…

There’s even a website set up for him for collections… as if the LGBT community needs any more financial help to aid them in their crimes against humanity!

Most of the comments are virulent against Christians and other faiths.  It shows the level of hatred that politically correct and ignorant dunces have against those that the Illuminati have targeted for annihilation, those that stand in the way of their domination of the world.  The Illuminati uses these fools as tools to help them eradicate the hated enemy.

Watch your backs, people of faith, there’s a storm coming and it’s going to get rough before it’s all over!  Almost sad that these fools have no idea the only reason that they are even alive, today, is because of God’s forbearance and protection from Satan!

Yep… ALMOST sad.


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