Another False Flag Uncovered!

Remember the MH17 airliner crash?  Yep, as usual, we’re not being told the truth!  Getting tired of it, yet?

It’s like this: You might as well quit reading the elitist-owned newspapers, watching the elitist-owned television, disregard ANYTHING even remotely associated with the mainstream media… it’s ALL bullshit!

A good example of the kind of ‘journalism’ one can expect in a fascist society.  We do not live in a free world, any longer.  Our Canadian government is run by the fascists as is the one to the south of us.  These are busy kowtowing to Zionist interests as we speak.  The oligarchs wish to bring us to the very brink of nuclear war, the final push before the ‘coming out’ of their glorious leader – Satan, himself, masquerading as the Savior.

This writer advocates as much civil disobedience as possible to get it through the heads of the MORONS that do the will of the fascists and enforce their dogma.  One other thing: DON’T VOTE OR PARTICIPATE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, IN THEIR CROOKED ELECTORAL SYSTEM!!!

Your votes mean NOTHING!  They control who gets elected and they are ALL crooked at the federal level.  See here for more examples of this.

It’s now apparent that we have been lied to about many things, various atrocities over the years, like Oklahoma City, 9/11, the Boston marathon bombing, Sandyhook school shootings… ALL of these false flags with some agenda behind them.  It also shows that our lives mean absolutely NOTHING to these globalist bastards, they will sacrifice us at every opportunity to gain the power that they so crave.  They should all be rounded up and shot!

However, the best ways for now to take the power from these assholes is to:

a) NOT fight in THEIR wars

b) NOT participate in THEIR elections

c) DO oppose them on all fronts, fight every decree they make upon us

d) DON’T pay taxes for services  not rendered, such as municipal, road, gas, excise…

e) ALWAYS make them accountable for the things they do and MAKE them work!

f) Treat all authority as highly SUSPECT… the government and it’s various collection agencies (police, courts…) are NOT your friends, they are SERVANTS!  Treat them as such!

Time to turn things around and take back what is rightfully ours!

*Video taken from LiveLeak source.


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