13 Years

Guess what it will be, this September 11?  Yep, it’ll be 13 years since the US Government allowed over 3000 of it’s citizens to be murdered by Israel’s secret services, dictated by Zionist bankers in England.  And, you must know the importance pagans place on occult numbers like 13, right?

Everyone is aware of the escalating violence in Europe and the Middle East.  The tensions appear to be heightening as 2014 progresses.  This writer cannot believe that something really BIG is not being planned by the elitists to further their global conquests… and what better time than on the cusp of the anniversary of some great and significant event, the one that spearheaded their greatest modern-day advancement toward world domination!

Something really big is going to happen before this year is over.  I had originally forecasted something for 2012, not taking into account the spiritualistic significance of this year.  The elitists are pagans, through and through.  Anything to do with the occult, they acknowledge.  Astrology figures heavily into their religion and there will be a full lunar eclipse visible over most of North America, this October.  Exactly where and what time this remaining year they choose to mount this great event, I cannot say with certainty.  Nor can I say with certainty exactly what it will be… except that it will NOT benefit humanity in any way, most likely it will entail great violence.

There have been musings among the international set that another 9/11-type attack is long overdue.  I would counter that things are happening right on schedule.  The prospect of world war seems great at this time, however, while I still believe there must be another false flag-type of event to get the public’s thinking in line with globalist conquests, the elitists are not interested in ruining the planet that they, as pagans, worship.  A nuclear conflagration would do exactly that.  However, bringing the world to the BRINK of nuclear disaster would serve to scare the shit out of a war-weary populace and make them willing to accept any kind of rule that would guarantee that war wouldn’t happen.

The Bible talks about the anti-Christ, who appears just prior to those end days that foreshadow the final struggle between God and Satan… Satan, of course, being the one that the elitists worship as Lucifer.  “Lucifer”, of course, is the real deal, attempting to ape Christ as some all-powerful savior that alone can deliver the world from itself.  The world shall have to be brought to such a state that mankind will accept ANYONE that can deliver them from the god-awful mess that it must shortly be reduced to.  Ironic in that the very one we can thank for all of man’s woes, we’ll soon be asking to lead us out of them!

There’s a lot more to be said on this issue… for now, keep alert!  Something big is going to happen, this year.  As that famous pirate, Long John Silver, used to quip: “Somethin’s rotten, ‘ere… I feels it clear down to the toes in the leg I don’t have!”


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