Marked Degeneracy, Last Day Signs


“Yiffing” is a term that describes a fast-growing line of perversion, where adults dress up as furry animals and perform sexual acts on one another.  It’s marketed similarly with children’s entertainment, undoubtedly aimed at recruiting children as future degenerates, much like the “gay” lifestyle, and even school children are exposed to perverse “transgender” practices palmed off as “alternative lifestyles” courses.

The world is becoming the sickening cesspool the Bible envisioned for the last days.  Anything seems permissible, now, except of course things which are good and wholesome.  The devil owns this world and he sees that it gets fed what he desires for it.

Amazing how in only a few short decades, society has gone to where naked homosexuals are able to not only reveal who and what they are, they are able to parade their naked bodies down city streets, without fear of prosecution.  Any criticism of their lewdness is decried as “hate” and the decrier stands a far better chance of being locked up than do these weirdos, even if they were to actually have sex together out in the open!  Such is the cancer known as “political correctness”.

I’ve pretty much given up commenting on various forums, such as, where these issues are forefront, knowing that merely bitching about something does not in any way help resolve the problem.  We all know there is a problem.  Merely complaining about it and wishing that things would change, will not make the problem go away.  Forums are full of handwringers all wanting change, but, are not willing to make the hard choices that are involved with such change.

Governments, today, are not the kind that our forefathers envisioned or supported, and long ago stopped being accountable to the people.  We are the servants of government, we do what THEY tell us to do, and THEY tell us what to believe, say, even think.  Controlled by powerful satanic forces, they enforce Satan’s will with “homeland securities” and of course the most powerful weapon – peer pressure.  Get enough people on the politically correct bandwagon, they will do the work for you in keeping those ‘less progressive’ individuals down.

People are no longer willing to make the sacrifices that are MANDATORY for a safe and healthy society.  Sadly, that now requires extreme measures, as these antisocial elements have become too powerful to merely ‘vote’ out of existence.  As it was in the old Bible times, perverts were dealt with harshly, most often killed, when caught in their evil, antisocial acts.  Corrupt politicians were dealt with almost as severely.

Anyone with the savvy to understand that society is not moving forward, cannot eliminate this finality and still believe that man has the capacity to right his own wrongs.  If this is the stance one takes, the inevitable conclusion is some form of violence to correct what is happening.  If they don’t take the Christian view that God is the only answer, they MUST take the necessary steps to curb what WILL destroy society if it isn’t stopped and stopped HARD!


Is THIS what you want, dear reader, for a heritage for your young ones?  To know that there are perverts out there that wish to corrupt your kiddies and turn them into beasts?  Every day, we hear of more and more instances where sexual deviants are being apprehended for possessing and distributing child porn… YET CRAP LIKE THE ABOVE IS CONDONED – NO ONE SEEMS TO MAKE THE CONNECTION BETWEEN PEDOPHILIA AND HOMOSEXUALITY!

We have the society that we deserve.  We are so consumed with getting ahead and pursuing the ‘dream’ of having that grandiose lifestyle and opulent retirement, with all of the trappings this world has to offer, that we do not see that the very society we hope to enjoy is being eroded by our own indifference.  The reality is that if it weren’t for the God whom isn’t politically correct or fashionable to believe in, anymore, we’d have disappeared from the earth LONG AGO.

Man is simply too corrupt and evil to govern himself.  There is no hope for this society outside of divine intervention.  This writer realized that decades ago.  I was once one of those that felt that man could rise above himself, that the future was possible through some inherent, though subdued, righteousness, that would somehow prevail and rise to the surface.  NO LONGER!  The world we have is the only one possible in our strength.  Even the most ardent infidel has to recognize that society is not evolving, it is DE-evolving.  This isn’t pessimism, it is hard core REALISM.

While there are hard choices to be made, the evolutionist really has no choice in this matter.  If he wants to change his world for the better, he’s going to have to eliminate those elements that threaten it, and that means VIOLENTLY, because, those elements have no intention of going anywhere.  If you want the conditions that prevailed at old Sodom, just sit back on your hands and do nothing, just like you’ve been doing… and they will come!  Wishing for better government and a clean society WON’T MAKE IT HAPPEN!  You’re going to have to get your hands dirty… like it or not!

This writer knows how it’s all going to end.  Yes, it IS going to end, and it is going to end well, in my view.  However, there was an individual who longed for the affluent life of old Sodom and couldn’t bear to see it all end, even under the threat of total subversion and corruption.  Even as God was in the act of destroying that evil culture from the face of the earth, the wife of Lot stopped and turned to look back, signifying her hidden desire and love for that corrupt society.  God knows the heart and she paid for her selfishness.  Though she did not actually partake in the sins that destroyed Sodom, by her complacency she CONDONED them.  Many, today, in the mad rush to be politically correct, while not actually performing lewd acts, themselves, DEFEND THEM, in the name of democracy.  This is wrong… and self-defeating.

Dear reader, you cannot have it both ways.  Either you trust in God to clean up the world… as He will… OR you need to get working to eliminate the cancer that is threatening your society, even if that means neutralizing those that are the threat!  They aren’t going to just go away!

For more reading on this, see this article.

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