It’s Getting Worse… (Freedom of expression denied)

Well, it’s to be expected.  The politically correct clowns are increasingly having their way on various forums.  This weekend, the Marxist moderators at YouTube banned a certain truther from publishing and commenting, something that has happened to this writer on three different occasions.  These days, everyone is scared of lawsuits by butt-hurt minorities and other leftist whiners, they don’t wish to offend an increasingly politically correct audience.  Why people think that they have to have the approval of self-centered political and social activists before they can think, is beyond me.  Of course, we all know who is responsible and that is the Illuminati, whom control these weak-minded individuals and corporations like… well… sheepherders.

Oh, and to add to my own resume of accomplishments, now has banned and deleted my comments, as well.  Up to now, I’ve held this site and Alex Jones with great regard.  However, I’ve noticed a gradual slant toward accommodating certain government-sponsored trolls and the just plain stupid, whilst requiring others to abide by the rules.  Being one to sometimes push the envelope, my engagement of these low-lives has apparently put me in the same class with them at Infowars.  My ‘punishment’ may not be entirely undeserved, certainly not unexpected, however, when their (trolls) comments are not deleted and left up, it tells me there must be insiders working at Infowars, making the whole site, in my view, suspect and dirty.  Nonetheless, two can play the banishment game and I no longer refer to the site from here.

I, myself, employ moderation, I know sites must maintain some semblance of order.  The good thing about my humble site is I can run it my way without having to worry about shills mucking around in the background.  AJ is a national presence, however, employing many people.  The chances of getting one of ‘those’ is pretty good, these days.  YouTube is full of them.  The truther in question found that out the hard way.

His great sin was criticizing the government’s handling of the economy.  Mine (on YouTube) was exposing the hypocrisy of certain minorities, homosexuals, feminists, along those lines.  The politically correct have stolen this land, the unwitting dupes of a fascist group of industrialists, bankers, Zionist-friendly ‘Christian’ churches, etc.  We now have a choice, we can either fight these morally-bereft criminals or roll over for them.  One thing we cannot take for granted is freedom of speech… which does not exist, anymore, in North America, but, it’s still possible to skirt the majority of the ‘ears’ the Illuminati have planted out there, watching.

There’s an old saw that goes: “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer.”  Remember, you cannot trust anyone, anymore, that’s just the unfortunate reality of living in the New World Order.

UPDATE: I’ve since restored Alex’s site to my blog roll, recognizing the fact that he isn’t directly responsible for my banishment from his forums and that his site is important for keeping up with world events apart from the elitist owned and controlled media.  It’s advisable to remember that most forums nowadays have their own problems with shills and trolls, narrow-minded fools with no particular views or ideology other than just an obsession with fucking with people.


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