“Wills” Gets a Chopper From Grandma

When your granny’s a Queen, money is NO object.  See story here.

Prince William, second in line to the British throne, recently got a helicopter for his 32nd birthday, a present from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.  When you’re rolling in it, why not use it?  The prince is a pilot, so he’ll make good use of it, I’m sure.  Makes royal junkets a lot more fun, I’d imagine, not having to dodge all the dumbass commoners plugging the roadways.

Maybe he ought to give a few of them a ride, now and then, seeing as how they’re paying for it… and pretty well everything else.

I’m no monarchist.  I have as much use for a king or a queen as your average person has for a case of hemorrhoids.  Grandiose expenditures like these only reinforce that attitude.  It’s always been a privilege of the rich to do this sort of thing, however, it doesn’t get any easier to accept with the passage of time.  Add to the fact that the royals have questionable ties to the Illuminati and the Zionist banking cartel, headquartered in London City, and I’m downright incensed with the whole matter.

What can we do?  Nothing, really.  Relatively speaking, the power-elite have always remained three steps ahead of us throughout history.  They will continue to tax the shit out of us and live off of our labor as long as there are any of us left to do all of the work.

The City of London is an enclave, totally separate from the rest of London, the center of which the enclave is nestled in.  It is here where the financial empire that rules the world is established, run by the trillionaire Rothschild family.  All decisions regarding banking, including the setting of interest rates and the price of gold, are made here.  It is here where the national wealth of all nations is funneled through the means of taxation, in a process that mathematically knows no redemption.  Debt is something that cannot be eliminated through any means by and through the existing system, it is not designed to work that way.

It’s always good to know, however, that there are those that are not effected by this nefarious system and will always enjoy prosperity, even when the bottom is falling out for everyone else.  The trillionaire Rothschilds and their royal footmen will never have want for debt slaves to provide for them, or the material blessings that many of us so covet.  Perhaps the answer is in not coveting and simply being satisfied with the basics of life… which is all we’ll ever have, anyway, with these parasites feeding off of us.



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