Well, It’s Quebec…

Moronicity is alive and well, in Canada…

Read story, here.

This girl’s mistake was not being DRUNK… which ensures a free pass EVERY TIME, with the criminal justice system of Canada.  In Canada, we reward our drunks when they kill innocent people.  It’s the Illuminati way.

Not knowing the whole story, as a professional driver, I can hazard a good guess as to what went down.  Most people, today, do not drive past the hood ornament on their vehicle.  This would include motorcyclists.  In the old days, there was this thing called “Defensive Driving” which taught the theory that one ought to watch ahead, ANTICIPATING sudden changes in traffic and being ready for evasive action AT ALL TIMES.  I don’t see that being taught, anymore, by the way that people drive.

Now, I’m not letting this young gal completely off the hook, there are those boneheads that think driving is like walking, you can stop or change directions on a whim without taking care to see if it’s possible without causing a collision.  Nevertheless, whatever this girl did is NOTHING compared with what drunks INTENTIONALLY do on highways, every day, and they get virtually NO penalty for doing it.  Again, we have this scenario playing out in Quebec… well, where else but in the land of questionable morals and ideals would something like this fly with such impunity?  A province run by communists and homosexuals and feminists and the mob and their crooked back pocket politicians… what kind of deal would YOU expect when you’re an honest citizen surrounded by criminals and perverts?

The law is a joke in any province run by the crooked BAR, but, it comes into it’s own in Quebec… a province suited for travesties such as this to flourish and so help degrade society as is the agenda of the Zionist elite.  When they start handing out punishments that fit the crime – such as those committed by drunks killing people on the highways – then I’ll reconsider my opinion about the ‘justice’ system in this country… NOT BEFORE! 



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