Censorship Already Being Applied!

Previously, we’ve examined Internet censorship and what the elitists plan to do to control the exchange of information in the media and online.  There are already attempts by certain service providers to bend over to accommodate a big elitist dick up their corporate asses.  Google, of course, has a rather large ass and has seized a rather large market share of the web, in cahoots with the NSA, Dept. of Homeland Security and other shadowy groups to monitor the activities of North American citizens.  Anything you do or say on a website or email is monitored.  This is a reality of the evil and corrupt world we live in.

This writer recently tried to access Infowars.com and got THIS…


Before this, I got an “Invalid Website” statement.  It’s my belief Infowars is under hacker attack by either a group of nerdy sycophants or other government-sponsored low-lives.  Anyway, it proves what we “tinfoilers” have been saying all along.  You can’t trust authority around the corner and this is just the beginning.

I tried a different computer and browser and got through to discover that others were having problems, too.  My PC was really working, though, with a high load of ‘activity’ on the site causing it to labor harder than normal.  Well, it’s to be expected.  With all of the attempts there has been to shut Alex Jones down, this is just another one of those.  The fools don’t seem to grasp, however, that God is in ultimate control of HIS world and Satan can bark and howl all he wants.  He and his gaggle of elitist morons will NEVER succeed in conquering this planet, they will be destroyed… utterly and finally.

I’ll be monitoring AJ’s site very closely.  If it turns out that this is only a maintenance issue, I’ll be one of the first to report on it.  If it’s the other thing… we may have a fight on our hands!

It won’t be the first time, either.


Editor’s note: At this time, (June 20/14) the site is again accessible by Internet Explorer.  Not sure what went on, but, there are reports from all over of censorship on other private nets, including the US military.

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