TTP… (No, it’s not toilet paper!)

Ever wonder how they intend to shut down free speech on the Internet?  AND… make a buck while doing it?

They never learn, do they? 

As one commenter aptly puts it…

“Well, “they” fucked up big time when they forced my parents to send me to state-sponsored institutions to learn to read and WRITE… which means that I don’t necessarily need an electronic device to get my message out.  Any billboard, utility poll, fence, transport truck, anything that will facilitate paper and ink or paint will suffice to get that message out.

Trying to suppress truth and the exchange of uncensored ideas is like a one-legged man competing in an ass-kicking contest… you can make an attempt at it and you might get a few good shots in, however, it always ends in futility.  This is something “they” just never seem to learn and they’ve had millennia to learn it.”

Sometimes it sucks being an elitist.



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