“Murrica” Has No First Lady!

… or a president, for that matter…

Is anything about the new world order that surprising?

Is America truly “One nation under God”, now?

I have debated many homosexuals online, been banned from their sites, banned from YouTube, threatened with litigation, they all have one mindset… the destruction of the heterosexual culture, Christianity and any group or association that opposes their specious lifestyle.  They are vindictive and will not cease in their attacks on heterosexuals, this animosity the result of the generations of persecution they suffered at the hands of zealots and God’s people, having to hide “in the closet” until recent times.  Now, they are out for revenge and blood.  The irony is that many heterosexuals, unaware of the homosexual’s hatred for them and their lifestyle, are their most ardent defenders, even some so-called ‘Christian’ churches are championing that which the God they chose to serve, condemned.

The LGBT community openly scoff and laugh at those politically correct heterosexuals that run interference for them, the latter not knowing that they will be ditched the second that the perverts get their way.  You see, nothing has changed since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, when homosexuality (as it is fast becoming, today) was rampant and perverts forced themselves upon others, threatening them with violence if they resisted them.  God, Himself, dealt with those as He will have to deal with these latter day terrorists in the same manner.  Society is too far hoodwinked to effectively repel these beasts, it will be a divine act of retribution that seals their fate.

With these revelations that the US President is a homosexual, alongside of those that he isn’t even an American citizen, as is required by law to be eligible for the office of president, it is now certain that we are indeed living in those last days when every vice shall be cultivated and God will give them over to be consumed by their own lusts.  Satan has succeeded in erasing the image of God from the visage of man by leading him to practice all manner of self-debasing actions, humiliating himself and dishonoring his creator.

America is no longer a nation under God, it is a modern-day Babylon, the former having been destroyed by a vengeful God that had finally had enough.



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