Political Correctness – The 21st Century Social Cancer

Everyone has encountered it.  When we say that we live in a free country, it is with the assumption that we are free to think whatever we want and to express those opinions when we like.  Of course, that has never really been a reality in any culture or time, any rational person knows that there are times when it’s better to just STFU and hold your peace.  For example, it’s never a good plan to ruminate on the inexperience, even the relative stupidity of the adolescent mind at the funeral of some dead teen, the victim of his own self-indulgence, coupled with driving .  Nor would it be expedient (or healthy) to talk about the oppression of minorities at your local KKK rally… things of that nature.  It is NEVER a good time or place, these days, to talk about minorities, especially Jews, in a disparaging way or even a mildly critical way, the retribution is often swift and sure!


 The powers that be long ago recognized the importance of peer pressure in the control and manipulation of the masses.  A relatively tiny group, the elitists cannot be everywhere, all of the time, enforcing their various schemes and programs upon the unwitting populace, they need stooges and shills and the just plain ignorant to help them in doing this.

Political correctness, or “PC” as it is known by those that deal with it a lot, fills the bill as a social stopgap in helping to ensure that policy is not disrupted by those that are prone to questioning and not simply content to follow along.  When it becomes more than obvious that there are problems with certain ideas and programs being foisted upon society by government and other associated authorities, it then becomes necessary to resort to other measures that fall outside of debate and other rational and peaceful means.  Even sheep have a certain hierarchical system and this ensures that most follow along with the rest of the herd in whatever course they happen to be on, whether it be toward greener pastures, wolves, or the abattoir.

I’ve encountered PC in many of my travels online, with various blogs, forums, websites… there are always a contingent present to ensure that our thoughts and speech are in line with that of those that determine policy in our modern society.  The Illuminati Khazarian Jews that control our economy and media are not tolerant of any dissent.  Various organizations devoted solely to the maintaining of their monopoly are in place to ensure that any ‘negativity’ is not acceptable.  That negativity may only be in the form of mild complaint, but, is still defined as negativity or even “hateful”.  They have a lot of different terms to describe dissent, these days, and they are in constant use by the ignorant.

Just a few… “hater”, “bigot”, “phobic” (attach whatever prefix you like), designed to silence and suppress anyone thinking to… well… think for themselves.  The herd syndrome has never been stronger than in our day and age, now that time is fast running out for this modern-day Roman empire, as it has been aptly described.

Political correctness also applies to actions.  If one isn’t into the “greener” movement, the environmental movement, one is immediately vilified and labeled a polluter and enemy of “Mother Earth”.  Those that refuse to buy into the climate change lie are considered second class citizens and not progressive, ignorant and unscientific.  There are other less prominent but just as destructive ploys for control that involve physical fitness, (see the last post, below) as it is unsociable, it would seem, to be overweight or even a little lazy.  Everyone needs to buy into (literally) the credit scam, getting into debt as early in life as possible, own a certain acreage of land, own a house, pump out a certain number of kids, drive X-number of vehicles, etc.


My personal ‘favorite’ is the relatively recent push by the homosexual crowd toward getting their deviant lifestyle legitimized.  This involves a great deal of propaganda and it has been very successful.  They, too, resort to force when necessary, usually in the form of pressure from government and/or through legal means.  “Same-sex marriage” has been the primary tool to get benefits normally available exclusively to heterosexual couples, also as a means of obtaining adoption rights to children… remember, they have to increase their ranks somehow, they can’t do it by any natural means!  Once introduced to the lifestyle, children, early on, become homosexuals, themselves, or at least tolerant of the vice.  Great recruiting tactic if you’re one of those!

PC is a cancer, just as readily as it’s biological cousin.  It is designed to eat away at the fabric of normal society and prepare the world for the inception of the fascist new age regime that seeks to consolidate all nations under one flag… and one particular cabal of rulers.  By eliminating all dissent and dissenters, the way is paved for the globalists to force their rule upon society.  The politically correct are unaware of this specious plan, though they consider themselves progressive and above the average intellect.  The reality is of course they are the unwitting tools of Satanists in the overthrow of decency and order. 


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