The Protocols Are Legit


If you ever needed a concise and comprehensive overview of world history and it’s future, outside of the inspired Word, you’ll find it there… in the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion.  Of course, as it has lately been widely publicized as a hoax for the purpose of slandering Jews, most authorities have merely shown their slavish attitude toward the development of the Zionist-led New World Order, performing the tasks given to them by their elitist masters, including knocking off any and all dissenters through vilification and other means.  Even some whom have been identified in the past as ardent opposers, now seem to be getting on board the elitist train, joining in on the downplaying party.

Of course, anyone with a working brain still not muddled by years of elitist-sponsored programming, such as from that we find cluttering our televisions, books, schools, practically every medium available, will readily decipher the obvious – this world is a vast shithole that mirrors perfectly the goals and ambitions outlined in the Protocols.  It is simply ridiculous to presume that the Protocols are anything other than absolute fact, a lot more so than the garbage that passes itself off as evolutionary science, that bullshit which we have all had infecting our brains since early childhood – another ‘gift’ from the cabalists!

What the Protocols are, in fact, is an open declaration by Satan of his intention to take this world that was given to man, by God, by FORCE!  His duped minions, that egocentric race of Ashkenazi pseudo-Jews running the world’s financial and industrial (and, yes, unhappily… the religious component!) engine, are kept busy trying to thwart God’s people at every turn, aiding in their own enslavement and demise.  Pseudo-intellectualism is the order of the day, with many self-important and equally ignorant “goyim” (non-Jews) aiding and abetting by preaching satanic dogma in all of it’s recognizable forms, flouting scripture and truth.  If it opposes scripture, it’s satanic, there is no middle ground.  Humanism in any form – it’s primary delivery system, liberalism – stands out from the crowd.

In a world of ever-increasing regulation and government control, paranoia, fear… these are the hallmarks of a society that is destined to fail.  Throughout history, empires rise and fall, simply because they were not founded or run on the divine blueprint.  The social toilet we have created is entirely our work, shepherded, of course, by those self-proclaimed ‘elite’, in direct servitude to the evil one, himself.

My sincere admonition to everyone out there is to read the Protocols, study and by all means COPY them, as we never know how long they will be available.  The elitists have already downplayed them, outright banned them, in some places.  The Internet, as volatile and imperfect as it is, is the last bastion for truth there is, being a medium that has proved most difficult for the globalists to subdue… but, they never stop trying!

If you are not a member of the so-called “master race”, that being “God’s chosen people”, typically the now-defunct nation of Israel, you are “goyim”… slaves.  Even those same that promote and defend their nationalism are duped!  Among those there are only a comparative few destined to inherit the earth, under Satan’s Novus Ordo Seclorum, unaware even of the fact that they, themselves, shall be slaves and shall ultimately share in the fate of their slavemaster at the hand of God.

The truth will always be a minority in this world, just as is anything that is pure and refined.  Garbage is proliferate and easy to acquire.  Everything tends toward disorder.  One merely needs to step back and calmly view the scenario and will be brought to the inevitable conclusion that a carnal world will naturally produce that which is carnal, and that the truth will always be recognizable by it’s scarcity and unpopularity.


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