Butthead Coren Strikes Again!


One of my favorite morons, Michael Coren, humanist buffoon and loudmouth, is once again displaying how easy it is to move through spacetime powered by only the most rudimentary of brains.  However, merely possessing a room temperature I.Q. doesn’t immediately qualify one for the important job of elitist patsy and drone, sometimes it helps when you simply succeed on the dumbest of luck.

I’ve seen his highness, the Duke of Dumbass, in action many times, usually pitting atheists against Christians, with the intention, of course, to try and ridicule the religion of Christ and make His followers look stupid.  Unfortunately, for him, it’s usually he and his atheist guest that end up looking ridiculous.  The Walt Disney character, Dumbo, comes to mind, whenever Michael Coren’s name is mentioned.

Apparently, Coren is adding to his already dubious resume the handle of 9/11 truth suppressor, according to this Truth and Shadows post.  Well, it’s to be expected, I suppose, when you’re dealing with a doofus like Coren.  Although I doubt he’s intellectually capable of comprehending anything other than what his station monitors dictate to him, he might try and at least hear what “truthers” are trying to say.  Funny, recent polls on the matter are leaning further and further away from what Coren and his knuckle-dragging cohort ‘deniers’ are cackling about!  It will only be a matter of time before Coren’s handlers give him the go-ahead to recant and then try and tell us that he knew it all along.

However, to employ the bigot card, fast becoming a tiresome ploy that only the intellectually bereft use when they are totally at a loss for winning a debate, is something even a lowlife like Coren ought to be ashamed of.  But, what the hell, it seems to work with an increasingly dumb-downed and vociferous segment of society.

Atta boy, Mikey… you tell ’em, Horseshit, you’ve been over the road!

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