Misguided Priorities

A video that has been causing a real stink has been circulating on YouTube, the last while, showing an apparent horse abattoir shooting one of his horses in defiance of animal rights activists.  While I don’t agree with the sensational approach that this guy took, it did get the message out and the ‘bleeding hearts’ have been flocking in droves to condemn the guy.

What disturbs me, having dealt with these people, (the activists) before, in another high profile case involving a private zoo in Alberta, is the wanton disregard that these activists show for the lives of their fellow human beings, proclaiming the lives of dumb beasts as superior or the very least on par with those of human beings.  It’s amazing, the damage that socialization and humanism has done in removing the image of God from man, teaching us that we are merely dumb beasts that spawned from primordial ooze!

I have debated many ardent infidels over this issue and find most are simply too brainwashed to accept that we are a special creation.  Of course, I don’t advocate the wanton slaughter of animals, either, as they are a gift to us from the creator to be enjoyed and utilized in our work.  Modern advances in technology have removed many animals from servitude to the status of pets, however, we still depend upon them for our sustenance.  This should also ensure that they are treated as humanely as possible.

Here is the video and it’s quite explicit…

This animal was probably destined for slaughter, anyway, and it died a very humanely executed death.  Many mass production slaughterhouses cannot promise such a speedy death, yet millions get their meat (many of those, activists) from these places.  The message was obviously meant to inflame, probably from a sense of being persecuted from these dedicated activists, whom I know can disrupt a business and the lives of it’s owners quite handily and most often with impunity, effectively ruining their livelihood and their reputations.

To these activists, I would ask they compare the life of a human being with that of a dumb animal… consider this video of an estranged husband killing his wife at her place of business, in front of witnesses… also, very explicit…

I really don’t think there is a comparison.  If there is any semblance of humanity and godliness left in any activist out there, can you REALLY compare the life of a horse with that of a woman?  After all, there’s absolutely no chance that a horse could ever sire or birth you, yet, the woman in this video could very well have been your own mother or a sister!

The capacity of the godless to render everything in life to that of the purest and most ultimate mundaneness and casualness, to me, is astounding!  Nothing to them is sacred, nor ever can be.  What a loss!


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