The Homosexual Agenda


Oooops!  Lol!  Sorry… just my warped sense of humor getting in the way, again!  No, Barack Obama and David Cameron aren’t actually kissing, being as they’re not gay… at least I don’t think they are, but, who knows?  It seems EVERYONE is ‘coming out’, these days, doesn’t it?  Is this my opportunity to inform you all that I, too, am ‘coming out’?

I will… when hell freezes over!  Sorry, I don’t have the infamous “gay gene” that homosexuals love to ply when faced with the prospect of having to deal with the moral issues attached to violating God’s natural laws.  It may well be physically possible to insert one’s penis inside another man’s anus, that doesn’t mean that it was designed to do specifically that!  And even if there were an actual “gay gene”, it doesn’t behoove one to act upon every inclination they have… if that were the case, hell, the population of this area would be significantly lower, particularly on the roads I’m forced to drive on!  LOL!

Seriously… I was perusing my usual YouTube haunts and came upon this video of the recent signing of the first openly gay football player to a national team.  Y’know, I’ve never been opposed, personally, to anyone doing what they want to do in the privacy of their own home, out of my sight, not interfering in any way with anything I do, or attempting to in any way suggest to me that what I’m doing is wrong.  As uneasy as this makes my plumbing, I really don’t care if these two want to swap spit… but WHY do it on national TV?  You HAVE to know this is nothing but a publicity stunt, BIG TIME, the radical elements controlled by the Illuminati are pushing in their attempts to feminize America.  After all, the heterosexual union is a hallmark of the society that the creator intended for man and what better way to undermine that society than introduce specious counter plans such as those like homosexual unions and gay “marriage”?

Evolved apes, of course, have no problem with this sort of thing, being as they recognize no set plan in our natural world.  We came from nothing, gravitated upward through a series of seemingly endless morphs and mutations to what we are, today… to them.  We did it without any help and if there is another track in the evolutionary tree that involves having a very light set of loafers to travel on, so be it.  After all, with no deity to worry about, it’s really no issue what we do or how we conduct ourselves.  In fact, why stop there?  We heteros (a dying breed, it would seem) could swap wives and husbands, kill our competitors, lie, steal, etc… the sky’s the limit!  See the freedom that the Godless have?  Doesn’t that make you envious, dear reader?

It’s silly to assume we have to have moral restrictions in a Godless world.  Our primordial history wouldn’t have been burdened with such a thing.  Organisms competing with and killing one another, grasping and climbing up that evolutionary ladder, somehow knowing that they had to evolve (?) and become what we are, today, the epitome of evolutionary development… oh, unless you add the “gay” factor into the equation, which opens up yet another avenue of possibilities!

The trouble is that this whole homosexuality thing, today, is more a political agenda than a biological issue.  There are elements of our society that know that homosexuality is unnatural and they promote it’s practice knowing the fallen nature of man and our susceptibility to any suggestion toward sinful behavior.  They know it undermines society and always has, destroying fundamental principles that weld communities together, particularly the family unit.  I won’t get into the sociological problems that have surfaced since homosexuality has become forefront in society, I could list how homes have been broken and children have been influenced, sometimes coerced to turn over to this lewd and debilitating vice, medical programs burdened by increased health costs due to AIDS, etc.  I prefer instead to highlight that homosexuality IS a tool of the Illuminati elitists to destroy all national sovereignty in order to implement their specious centralized world government.  It has always been a plan of the social elite, throughout history, to unite the entire world under one flag, just as it has always been the work of the righteous to oppose that plan.

Socialism’s (communism) goal is to tear down individuality and render everything and everyone homogenous.  You can see the comparison with this agenda with homosexuality in it’s “same-sex” application.  A sex-less society effectively obliterates any trace of the original design, promotes satanic substitutes that cannot work either from a social OR biological standpoint and has the added ‘virtue’ of reducing the capacity of society to resist such change by reducing men to “pussies”, such as the effeminate so effectively demonstrate in their mannerisms.  These days, it’s all about “love” and “peace”, not manliness and determination.  Political correctness, the Doberman the elitists use to put down and silence their opposition, ensures that anyone speaking out against their plot is quickly labeled a bigot or a “hater” and subsequently vilified.

Atheism is an effective tool at aiding in the implementation of these agendas, too, by doing what I have already touched upon.  If a society cannot point back to any kind of intelligent design and/or purpose for their existence and ultimate goal, then what is to prevent people from being duped into following every nutty and weird idea that comes down the pipe?

Children are especially susceptible to this atrocity, having it hammered at them on videos like the aforementioned one and even in schools, where humanist propaganda like evolutionary theory and biology are preached, even homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle” is pushed, while alternative views on creation are strictly taboo.  I’ve had one antitheist whiner complaining on this blog about how his ilk are discriminated against and how they have it oh so hard, because big bad Christians laugh at them and ridicule them and keep them out of different institutions… as if they actually could!  (See here for the homosexual agenda for America)  These are utterly deluded or complicit, being as the obviousness of all of this is inescapable.

Someone on the video mentioned sports as the “opiate” of the people.  Of course, the socialist programmers of society view religion as an opiate and are working toward it’s abolition, at least in favor of theirs, which is Satanism.  The two-fold advantage of reaching a wide audience, especially impressionable youth, cannot be ignored with such tactics as the video employs.

Anyway, back to our kissing cousins at the forefront of this post… yeah, it’s obviously a Photoshop!  I mean… could two prominent Illuminati puppets be anything but straight?



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