A Religious World Not So Easily Led

I promote faith as a logical alternative to the secular mess we have.  While many view religion as an opportunity for fascism and control, what is the difference between the world say of the middle ages and the commercial construct we have today?  I don’t see that much.

Oh, we have the ‘marvelous’ technology and conveniences that our ancestors couldn’t even imagine, the kind of technology that keeps us up later and getting up earlier to service and maintain.  The unreal schedules we’re supposed to keep, finding ourselves only getting in deeper and not really getting ahead.  It’s designed that way by those in authority, because, hey… if it weren’t us doing all of the work it would have to be them, right?  I mean, if you were a plantation owner, would it be your fat ass out there working in the cotton field and not some hired or kept nigger?

Now, some whose training and conditioning is complete will become totally distracted after seeing the dreaded “N-word” and become mired in the trivial attacks so characteristic of the politically correct, especially from those white black-wannabes.  Those out of the way, we can now focus on those thinking individuals and delve into the crux of the matter, which is the control that the easily led secular society has over them.  The Illuminati, having sponsored and/or created much of what socialism and it’s modern spin-offs preach, know that secular society hasn’t any time to think too deeply about their current state of affairs.  By and large, the “sheople” won’t protest too much when another of their freedoms is chopped, preferring instead to accept the meager by comparison ‘benefit’ the powers that be offer in it’s stead.  Fat and lazy from generations of pampering, most today will allow themselves to be led around like a farm animal.

In the old days, while there was a good deal of persecution and censure, it was quite overt and readily recognized by a savvy population that preferred to stand, sometimes fight to the death to protect what was theirs.  Today’s fashionable humanist perceives no threat and views the former age as a “dark age”, not even seeing how perilous is their own situation.  I encounter a lot of individuals that see religion as some kind of disease of the mind.  I dunno, I never seem to remember being tired or worn out after perusing the word of God as I do when out there plying my trade in one of the most secular occupations there is.  Out there, it’s the almighty buck that drives people… people whom, when cornered on the subject, admit they would rather be somewhere else and doing something different.  They are allotted certain rest periods by their Illuminati masters, of course, we all are, in this heavily regulated society.  The nine to five work schedule is an example, though that varies from trade to trade, and I can’t remember the last time I ever held down a j-o-b like that!

Let’s delve more into the simplicity of the secularized mind, a mind placated by assumptions that it is the evolved and superior version of the earlier primitive “stick-worshiping” one where people would often turn to something outside of themselves for comfort and guidance.  Today’s evolved ape is much too sophisticated for that, they have technology to serve.  Yes, the tables have turned, it is now we that service the machines!  Farmers spend pretty much all of their time, now, planting and harvesting crops and servicing the ever-growing number and size of the machinery it takes to accomplish the task.  Where once it was a combine, a tractor, a few other implements that sufficed to run an efficient operation that allowed respites between growing seasons, NOW our evolved ape has to devote pretty much the entire year into buying and servicing machinery and planning their inputs, buying fertilizer to replenish the already worn-out soil… and, of course, make the filthy-rich bastards that planned and implemented all of this even richer!  Funny, though, how our evolved ape seems oblivious to all of this!  What evolved ape is ever without his/her cellphone or Ipod?  The need to worship technology is all-pervasive!

Those of faith, whilst still caught up in all of this, nonetheless have recourse to a higher standard of being, reduced not like the evolved ape to mere servitude to more evolved and sophisticated apes.  We “Christards” acknowledge there is a higher science, one that acknowledges a higher standard and purpose other than just making money and persuing selfish and grandiose – and unattainable – earthly ambitions.  The love of money is often palmed off as making a living.  The secular mind is always worrying where the next dollar is coming from.

In summation, secularism is the byword for self-worship and negligence, a steadfast refusal to render the acknowledgement needed to understand that it isn’t all about us… that there is a higher plan in place and there are those that are dedicated to working against it and leading as many others to do the same.  The ‘evolved’ mind is de-evolving in this fast and furious age, becoming inferior to the one that propelled the thinking of an earlier and ‘darker’ age.

I prefer to call our age the age of gullibility!


2 responses to “A Religious World Not So Easily Led

  1. It’s unfortunate that we are often “too soon old, too late smart”, however I think a lot of the younger generation are getting smarter a little sooner, that’s my observation with my children at least, or maybe they actually listened me when I thought they weren’t!

    • I think their parents had a lot to do with their smartness as the system just doesn’t measure up as it once did. Outcome Based Education, (OBE) essentially a “no man is left behind” – type of program, promotes substandard scholastic achievement. It’s a politically correct way of placating those that are not fit to advance, eventually flooding the workforce with lazy and incompetent prospects. I see these in my line of work, daily. They have to be told everything and when to do it. Otherwise, they’re set on idle, cellphone and IPhone in hand, texting their buddies. They can’t seem to act without some prompting from outside.

      In this bubble-wrapped age of conformity and “touchy-feely” political correctness, it’s anathema to offend or annoy anyone. The new maxim is it’s more important to be heard than to listen, to assert oneself, no matter how improper. The young have little chance when faced with this kind of elitist-sponsored propaganda, so all-pervasive in society.

      As the old song goes, teach your children well… they haven’t much hope in a society governed by socialist humanists bent upon it’s ruination.

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