Make Mine Freedom!

I found this old film to be very revealing… and ‘prophetic’ for our time…



Even in 1948, people didn’t trust banks, though it’s nearly impossible to function in society now without them.  The last recession proves that it’s possible to lose it all overnight… but what have we bought for ourselves in terms of the economy and society that we now have?  Where we have to work multiple jobs and reinvest time that we should have for family and other interests toward merely eking out a living?

Someone said what we have isn’t perfect… well, that’s an understatement, but, when do we quit trying to excuse this foul system and justify it and start making some real changes?  Or is it, as I’ve always understood the problem to be, something inherent within ourselves… that we are simply lazy and greedy and therefore stuck with what we, ourselves, have created, being that it is a mirror image of ourselves?

There is no answer in and of this world for this dilemma.  It has now gone way beyond the means of any human to fix.  The answer lays outside of ourselves.

Editor’s Note: Here is an example of how we have left our house unguarded, in this letter appealing to us, the people of North America, to restrain our leaders from their totalitarian plan for uniting all nations under one government run solely by them… their “New World Order”.  (Novus Ordo Seclorum, “New order for the ages”, philosophical derivative of “Order out of chaos”, the ultimate plan for planet Earth.)  Unfortunately, there is now nothing that we can do to help, we are as enslaved as they, by bonds of our own making, overruled by the complacent majority.  It’s amazing how many of us have been snowed into thinking that this is the logical progression toward the utopian society those self-styled ‘elite’ have promised us.


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