Corrupt Satanic ‘Justice’ System Forces Man to Suicide

I’ve never had much use for the legal system in this country.  The following story is typical of the ‘help’ you’ll get from the bankers’ bitch-assed court system… read it here.

The witch that turned these vampires loose on her husband is a well-known jewelry designer – Dina Mackney


Her deceased husband, Christopher Mackney, was badgered by a complicit kangaroo justice system into killing himself, last December.  He left a suicide note that his widow is now seeking to remove from the internet, claiming sole copyright for it.  She forbade him visitation with his kids, supported in her work by her criminal father.  The two have been described as psychopaths and I would go one further and call them two-bit hoodlums.

A comment posted by “Tim” on H. Makow’s website offers good advice in dealing with the corrupt system in place in this country.  Others I know have been screwed over by this system, it’s rotten to the core and serves only the super rich bastards that conceived it.  A good thing to remember whenever you run afoul of it… and it is inevitable that you will!

*Note: Christopher’s suicide letter can be viewed through the link on Henry’s website.  If it gets removed, I have it saved and will post it here.


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