Anti-gay Speaker Harrassed by PC-driven Authorities

In a society that is supposed to be so human rights oriented and concerned with free speech, you’d never know it with the way the LGBT mafia conduct their business.  Theirs is the most virulent and vitriolic group this writer has ever witnessed, while all the while complaining that individual freedoms are not being attended to in Canada.

If they are so concerned with freedom of expression and speech, why is it they are not championing the rights of this particular anti-gay activist recently detained by new world order enforcement monkeys at Regina, Saskatchewan?  See story here.

Well, it’s what we’ve always known, now, isn’t it?  Everything is cool as long as CERTAIN types of individual’s wants are being met.  It’s always been a selective issue here in corporate Canada, just as it’s always been a case of whom has the biggest ‘lobby’ and can drum up the necessary funds with which to push one’s agenda through… democracy, (hah!) be damned!

I suppose we should be grateful LaBarbera was allowed in and not given the 50,000 volt ‘welcome’ that some get from our glorious security forces, particularly those smaller and weaker than themselves.  One has to be affiliated with a bike gang or the mafia to get much respect from law enforcement.  These, the police aren’t so willing to pick on… for obvious reasons.

Isn’t it glorious how a politically correct few get to ascertain what or who you can watch or listen to?  It’s all about numbers and sophistication of weaponry, these days, in Orwellia. So don’t be tossing that old .30/30 or 12 gauge just yet!


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