Update On Missing Flight… (and shills!)

I promised I’d return with more news on that missing airliner.  While the jury’s still out on that one, I’ve found some interesting info to pass along.  One involving a link to Dr. Makow’s site, where I found another one discussing the possibility that the flight was hijacked and diverted…

Of Special interest to me is this comment on that site…

This “Adrian D Chetwynd” is most likely what we call in the esoteric business a shill.  They come in all shapes and sizes, primarily they are sent to disrupt any serious conversations about any sensitive subject.  In the years following 9/11, I came across quite a few, and together with other bloggers, we managed to expose some of them and even drive one particular nasty underground.  This individual had set himself up as a Wikipedia administrator and was tasked with eliminating any contrary opinions (against the ‘official’ version) about what happened at Ground Zero on Sept 11, 2001.  Many of my comments (an administrator, myself) were deleted, as were several other noted bloggers.

What’s notable about our friend, here, is his subtle attack on the blog host.  Tempered with the right amount of flattery, our shill covertly charges our host with being a “conspiracy theorist”, a label that commands instant disrespect among writers.  The shill comes across as being concerned for the reputation of the host, while wielding the veiled threat that his blog could soon be vilified and written off as the work of a crank.  The host responds with noticeable relief and appreciation, exactly the response the perpetrator was looking for.  I’ve seen it a million times.

My friends, most commenters would not take the time to admonish their host in such a fashion, either they would agree or they would not.  To actually stoop to the level of ‘concern’ for the welfare of the host, such as we’ve seen here, even going so far as to offer patronizing ‘advice’, speaks volumes about the character of the one delivering the text.  Shills are disinformation agents, either volunteers or paid disruptors seeking to eliminate dissenting opinions that overly criticize official proclamations and viewpoints.  They can pop up anywhere, anytime.  Myself, I will entertain them for a time, until they become abusive or are causing inordinate confusion.  They will settle for the latter if they cannot actually sway opinion in their favor.

Shills are not trolls as we commonly view the term.  While trolls amuse themselves solely by causing controversy, shills have a definite goal in mind… to stop in it’s tracks any wrong thinking as determined by his/her masters, hopefully putting the instigator out of business by discrediting and/or vilifying them.

Our Mr. Chetwynd is but one example of thousands patrolling the internet in every forum… YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  As long as there are people wishing to express an opinion publicly, you will have those that wish to either modify that viewpoint or suppress it, altogether.

As for the alternative theory to Flight 370, I leave that up to the reader to determine if this latest info has any credence.  When I have time, I wish to explore this in greater depth and detail.


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