Leopards And Their Spots

And, that’s what we have with the LGBT association… a highly liberal and intolerant organization of fascists bent upon promoting their socialist agenda of attacking Christianity and heterosexual society, all in keeping with their Illuminati masters’ satanic agenda…

See here.

I, myself, have borne the brunt of the fury of these tyrants.  Three times have I been banned from YouTube for criticizing the homosexual lifestyle, mainly in the way it intimidates and coerces dissenters to follow their views on political correctness.  George Takei, of Star Trek fame, is now a leading voice in their movement, attacking anyone that the LGBT feels is a threat to them and their agenda.  His vitriolic videos are prolific on YouTube and one can discern rather quickly the animosity and ferocity with which he attacks anyone that dares to criticize the gay lifestyle.  Even his own former co-stars are not immune to his vitriol.  It is the belief of this writer, through experience with other homosexuals, his deviant lifestyle is affecting his mental health.

Anyone not recognizing the force of political correctness in this society has been living under a rock for some time, now.  There is no free speech, at least none that can’t be suppressed at any time the establishment feels it necessary to do so.  There is a long trail between burning people in ovens or at the stake and merely voicing one’s reticence about an organization or lifestyle that openly attacks anyone and anything it deems undesirable.

If even Bill Maher, himself a vitriolic opponent of faith, sees something amiss in all of this, you can be assured the message is getting out there – fuck with us and you’ll pay the price!


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