The Artificial Pseudo-Society

Artificiality is the basis for the society that we now have.  When you are born, you are born of living, breathing human beings, natural creations of God.  However, as soon as you are born, you are immediately registered with the state or province your parents live in and become the legal property of that jurisdiction.  You become actual property that can be regulated and even seized at any time that a court of law deems it necessary to do so.  (Such as in child custody cases)  The state is a corporation that actually usurps the role of creator and forms a likeness of yourself in IT’S image, the direct opposite of what scripture teaches as to God’s jurisdiction over us.  This contention has been at the center of the controversy between the devil and God since the beginning.

Humanism, a derivative of socialism, which is atheism, teaches there is no creator.  Spurious theories such as evolution all arise from socialism, a concept modernized of a much more ancient order that has been around since the days of Nimrod.  The establishment of certain atheistic principles within society are aimed at erasing all knowledge of man’s unique creation, supplanting it with the notion that we are but a cosmic accident.  The result is the doctrine of non-accountability, that man is only accountable to and for himself.  Having removed God from the mix, man is now free to follow his own course, or so he thinks.  The reality is that man cannot serve two masters, if not God then Satan, by default.  The illusion is there is a third choice where there is none.

The economy of heaven is one of benevolence and cooperation and selflessness, diametrically opposed to the competition-driven, self-serving, self-justifying economics of a humanist society.  In such a society, the natural man becomes a token in commerce, the religion of the world.  The world thus thrives apart from it’s creator, solely upon it’s own merits, having re-created, as it were, itself, making itself as God.  Remember the first two commandments?  “I am the Lord thy God…” establishing jurisdiction, followed by the admonition; “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me.”  In fact, what has happened is that both commandments have immediately been surpassed, and not by accident.  Satan has a deliberate plan that he has been orchestrating for a very long time.  In essence, the society that we now have is only an updated version of good old fashioned paganism and idol worship, the basis for Satan worship.  He wants what’s God’s, always has, always will.  That includes US.

Satan, of course, being a created being, himself, cannot create anything.  God, alone, is able to make matter and form it to His specifications.  Satan decided on the next best course, a PRETENSE of matter, of life, based upon magic – prestidigitation.  He will conjure up a likeness of man in the sense of the artificial, making himself a god of sorts, by reason of the fact his ‘creations’ belong to him.  This mandate he confers upon his dupes, the rulers of the world, whom are charged with administrating his artificial construct.  These agents are the governments and courts that make the laws and ordinances and enforce them through something called “Joinder” which unites two legal entities under jurisdiction.  Since a man is not nor cannot ever be something artificial, it is necessary to provide a substitute through a legal representative, a ‘token’, as it were.  See here for an illustration of how this is accomplished.

You can see the results of this in society, through the denigration of the human through reduction in our status to mere evolved monkeys, here solely by accident.  Having little more distinction than dumb beasts, we are referred to as simply males and females.  Ever hear how the police identify culprits or victims as simply male and/or female, not man or woman?  Everything is artificial… lifeless, by any natural interpretation.  The ‘life’ is in the commercial aspect of it, which is why you need a token representative lifeless enough to partake.  Kind of like a board game where you need a token to represent yourself.  You can’t play without a token.  Life, or at least life in the commercial sense, is like that.  You are that token and the state is it’s creator/god.

So we can see from all of this that life is not what we imagine it to be in our civilized society.  We have formed an image to the beast in direct violation of God’s command that we do not, and now we serve that likeness through our commerce and it’s constructs.  We bear it’s “mark” through our participation in it’s pseudo-economy, a lifeless entity that cannot exist or thrive in a universe created for the living, by a living creator.  It is a symbol of death, diametrically opposed to everything living.  The mark of the beast is the attempt to revive and live with the dead, which have no place at all with the living.  This is Necromancy, something God despises and condemns.

The mark of the beast is death and confusion, which is all that Satan deals in.  He is the author of death and it’s prophet.  Both will be destroyed.


12 responses to “The Artificial Pseudo-Society

  1. Hey Highwayman,
    I’m impressed by your grammatical abilities, your clarity, your literary skills, you write very well. You do an excellent job of exposing what most of the masses are blind to, however, I think the tide is turning and the times are a changin!

  2. This reminds me of a book I was reading awhile ago about how dopamine effects the brain and beliefs, how it stimulates our ability to connect the dots between things and see patterns, but also overruns our abliity to filter out real patterns and false positives, so we think everything is connected. My strengths lie more in analyzing patterns to see if they make sense, and so I cannot subscribe to the kind of vast conspiracy theories you put forth in this blog. I do not find it credible that communists, christian scientists, humanists, atheists and policemen (to name a few) are all conspiring across time, space and various cultures to eliminate your worldview. Nor do I think your cynical view that using a clinical term or understanding the mechanisms of nature means that we are “just” this or “merely” that. As if knowing someone is made of atoms strips them of the beauty of those atoms’ arrangement.

    • Conspiracies exist. Empires have risen and fallen around them. Perhaps we need to coin another term less derogatory and insulting so that one isn’t automatically vilified by and through association with it?

      Of course, that would defeat the purpose of it… to shame and thereby silence the opposition.

      You may believe what you wish. Many still insist our leaders are honest and trustworthy. I happen to disagree and I do that having had the ‘privilege’ of seeing them behaving badly on many occasions. So I’m not inclined to write off every disagreeable comment about them as mere cynicism. Maybe you have yet to acquire the experience needed to make an informed comment or judge those that have?

      • Yes conspiracies exist, but the power of a conspiracy to explain something without proof is no more valid than the explanatory power of someone making a wish and a genie granting it makes the theory valid. Conspiracy theories are generally considered crackpot when there is no evidence of a conspiracy or when the conspiracy would be impossibly vast and include so many people that it would be impossible to keep secret. And I didn’t say all of our leaders are honest and trustworthy. Nor do I think they are all batman villains.

        • It’s amazing how much of what we learn in school and from the media we accept without questioning, especially if it is acceptable to our way of thinking. You may think for a moment I get some special kick out of questioning authority, however, I’ve had experiences you no doubt have not and perhaps my interests have taken me further in re-examining what we are told is truth. As for conspiracies being kept secret, it’s easier than one thinks when the right coercion is applied. Patriotism, or a misguided sense thereof is a powerful motivator, too.

          Take money, for example. The monetary system has been pretty much exposed for what it is, an inefficient and debt-generating tool that anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of finance takes for granted. However, how much about money are we taught in school? Zero, in my experience. Is something that important simply forgotten over the rush to issue social insurance numbers and credit cards to students whom hardly need these things at this time in their lives? What kind of proof do you need? Direct admissions from the guilty parties? I can tell you the likelihood of something like that happening in conspiracies of the nature we deal with here!

          Also, about the money, listen to people well-versed in the subject, not just those that deal in it’s trade and make their livelihood from it, with obvious and attendant biases. One good example would be Edward G. Griffin, who wrote “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, an excellent expose on the money cabal. (See video)

          The knowledge is out there, the will to seek it out may not be.

          • None of this has to do with what I said to you. Yes predatory lending and many bank practices are bad, but socialized insurance is based on a pay it forward model that young people pay into when they’re able and benefit from when they’re old and infirm.

                • Capitalism, as we know it, is merely a derivative of socialism, made to obscure the innate subversiveness… evil, if you like, of the latter. It was designed along with our current political system as a vehicle for the establishment of socialist principles, those that tend toward the destruction of a society.

                  For example, when I asked you why, if we’re enjoying all of these so-called benefits from socialized insurance over the term of our productive lives at retirement, it is a contradiction when we see so many that cannot retire as their parents did at the same age or younger. Now, many elect (or are forced) to keep working past the mandatory retirement age, just to maintain a certain level of lifestyle or simply to make ends meet. So, why is this even necessary if we have such a wonderful social net to support us?

                  The answer is that social programs were never intended to support us, only further enslave us, keep us working, extending our productivity curve, so to speak. Take health care… with a rising population, waiting lines are becoming intolerable for even the most basic surgeries, forcing people to go abroad to seek the help they could get here if they could pay for it. Most can or can get the money necessary, provided the economy wasn’t artificially inflated by the fiat system they have in place controlling the market. You Americans are now facing that same dilemma with “Obamacare”, really the last step in the complete socialization of North America.

                  If you ever read the Communist Manifesto, the subversive’s guide to the manipulation of and gradual overthrow of a nation’s sovereignty and moral underpinnings, you would see that the master plan calls for complete subjugation, which is accomplished only when you remove the independence that men have from those that would monopolize and control them. Forcing people to rely on government-sponsored health care, a monopolized capital system, (through the currency and it’s markets) for their livelihood, you have a recipe for economic collapse… sooner or later.

                  I could go on and on. You will no doubt consign this to the realm of fanaticism and conspiracy, however, anyone caring to look at our present condition with an unbiased view and not see the gradual downturn in local and foreign economics, will readily see that something is amiss. My life, at the stage I’m in, should be getting easier, going by the assurances given to our parents when these systems were first put in place. I can tell you that life for me is NOT getting easier and I may not be able to retire at all. The day isn’t long enough, anymore, to accomplish what I routinely did in half the time only 10-15 years ago.

                  The “brave new world” spoken of by Kissinger and other new age proponents does not make allowance for the prosperity of those upon whose backs it will be built.

                  • All government is socialism, not necessarily in the sense of marxism. There are many kinds of socialism, but all civilization is dependent on some form of division of labor.

                    As for people working past the retirement age to make more money what is the problem? If they make more money and want to keep working to “maintain their lifestyle” then that’s their prerogative. The social safety net is designed to eliminate poverty, not make everyone rich.

                    As for healthcare and longer waiting periods any increase in demand causes a shortage of supply but only until the supply side expands to meet the demand, as it inevitably does in a capitalist system. The population size is irrelevant since it’s all per capita. If more people get to go to the hospital this generation than could last generation the wait will temporarily be longer, the same way if twice as many people get to buy food at the grocery store this generation as could last generation the line in the grocery store will be longer. But only until someone opens up another grocery store, and the companies that supply it adjust their workforce and output to meet the demand. It’s also worth mentioning that the wait time is also longer because hospitals can do so much more today than they could 30 years ago, so yes you might have to wait longer and have more tests done, but you also have a vastly better chance of curing what ails you.

                    As for “obamacare” being a government monopoly, it isn’t. It includes a public insurance option which, like the post office, UPS and fedex, competes with other private insurers to drive prices down.

                    If you expect the government to cure the pangs of old age and make everything in life pleasant it’s not going to happen. Nor is it going to make everyone live a life of luxury and wealth, no system can do that for the simple reason that it’s mathematically impossible for everyone to be rich. A company with only CEOs wouldn’t function, for every manager or executive with a big salary there need to be 20 people to clean toilets, sweep floors, cook food etc. What the kind of socialism most countries has does is put an economic floor under those people so that they won’t starve or sleep in the streets or die of a treatable illness without help or work year after year without receiving a living wage or being made to work unreasonable hours or under unsafe conditions etc.

                    • Which brings us again to the fact that many do not wish to work right up to their grave, which an increasing number find themselves doing. And some are doing that with increasing hours and possibly in unsafe conditions. They have no choice, it would seem, just to maintain a certain level of being. Of course, the good old government takes it’s usual share, which isn’t always returned in the form of services.

                      Anyway, my point in all of this is to try and reveal that the socialism/capitalism regimen is not designed to help the little guy, it’s a way to keep us down. Take education and the hoops one has to jump through to obtain a ‘degree’ or recognized certification testifying you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, I’ve met many papered individuals that did not in fact know what they were doing. They had, however, done the time required (at great expense) and jumped through the necessary hoops to obtain what in olden times a person learned as an apprentice at the side of their father or whomever. Nowadays, that would be verboten, attempting to ply a trade with training not recognized or supplied by the ‘powers that be’. A degree from an elitist-controlled university doesn’t guarantee the service they provide would be any better than that provided by someone that had practiced at the side of some knowledgeable, experienced person.

                      You might think long lines for healthcare are acceptable or even inevitable, however, the Internet, itself, can provide many with the diagnosis they seek but cannot get due to problems getting an appointment. Many are treating themselves by leaving the country at their own expense or trying remedies at home not approved by Big Pharma. If they do leave the country, doctors here say they cannot offer follow-up treatment to them when they return… what the hell kind of oath did these ‘healers’ take? Oh… an oath to Big Pharma! Maybe the playing field should be leveled where everyone had to pay for services, this might eliminate the abusers that hog the chairs in the waiting room and at ER.

                      Life being what it is, I expect nothing either way from it or the powers that be. People talk about rights while embracing the here-by-chance philosophy that man is an cosmic accident. In an atheistic or humanist society, the society you embrace would be the practical if not only solution. The powers that be hold to this dogma and the system reflects this. Because they are currently running things, this is the way things are.

                      The ultimate socialism would be the beneficent system established at creation by the creator, a world where everyone’s needs are met by Him, without the endless cycle of competition our society is geared for. There would be no rich vs. poor. Castes would dissolve. If everyone were on the same level there wouldn’t be people starving or waiting in long lines for something that they should have now. Your fatalist thinking that this must always be testifies of the hopelessness of the atheist that realizes that anything that happens by accident can also pass away indefinitely.

                      The powers that be embrace the concept of a theocracy which is why we have this system we have. They are content to let you and I believe there is no God or Satan, (Lucifer) but, they know the truth. It is this knowledge that helps set them apart. Christianity does this for the common man and this is a threat to them, which is why they hate it and fight it on so many levels.

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