‘New’ Technology In The War On Society

No, no, I got it right… the war on SOCIETY. FPS Russia (click on this link) is my favorite intelligence source on the latest toys that the gubmint comes up with in their never-ending crusade against those radical fundamentalists seeking to overthrow our society and rape our women and enslave our kiddies. We should all feel safe under our beds knowing that big brother has our asses… I mean, our backs!

Seriously, if our little pseudo-Russian has one of these things, the technology’s been around for awhile. I happen to know there are some of these things patrolling the ‘open’ border between our corporate states this very minute, albeit the unweaponed versions. Rest assured, though, they can be weaponed-up in minutes if it came to that.

Are you getting as sick as I am about hearing about those “moozelum” radicals and the ‘threat’ they pose to our country? What, with the tax burden we’ve been forced to carry on our backs since the early Twentieth Century, basically providing powerful white fat cats with an extravagant living, we now have to contend with a few “rag-heads”? I’m sorry, I find absolutely no disparity between the two. Personally, I’ll take a religious fundamentalist over your typical bankster, any day!

The technology is in place to control (if need be) an unruly mob of patriots unwilling to submit to total authority… and it’s coming! It’s been coming for centuries and this modern age has never had a precedent in terms of the compatibility of authoritarianism and the means to enforce it. We have a prime minister that has showed unswerving devotion to Zionist forces in this regard and will surely accommodate any Draconian measures drawn up to comply with new world order mandates. Afghanistan is proof of that!

It’s coming… whether you choose to believe or no. “Charlene” could be hovering outside your mosque, church, living room or bathroom window, any day, now.

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