Is Society Dysfunctional?

Damn right.  You know, it’s easy to blame the powers-that-be for the mess we’re in… but, who has enabled these elitist bastards to reach the pinnacle that they occupy over us all?  The greed and avarice and selfishness of man has placed him precisely where the cabal wants him, under their control.

We think we have freedoms and “rights” (LOL, I always get a chortle out of that one!) even when we’re taxed and worked to death, while a comparative few sit at the top and enjoy the fruits of our slavery.  No one can deny there is a privileged few and that society has pretty much maxed out it’s filial and physical ‘credit card’.  Every year, we work harder and harder for less and less, eat garbage food and watch garbage TV and get fat and stupid and ever more complacent.  It’s easy to manage a herd of cattle, just point one or two the way you wish them to go and the others blindly follow.

I’ve been blogging a long time.  This is but the latest incarnation of a long line of (illustrious?) blogs that have been dedicated to uncovering the rancid bullshit that underpins this pseudo-society of ours.  Paid the price in terms of friendships and family… and for what?  Some find great humor in what I write.  Well, that’s fine, I guess, however, the danger is nonetheless very real and very imminent.  What you don’t know can not only hurt you, it WILL.  The opposition knows that ignorance is their greatest weapon, coupled with anonymity.

Their master works behind the greatest anonymity there is.  Satan is the top of the pyramid, typified by the “all-seeing eye”.  Now, many will scoff, even those in the conspiracy fraternity prefer to think that our fight is not against higher orders of being.  Well, this would be a surprise, indeed, to those very elite that we owe our subjugation to.  They well know who their master is and they worship him with a fervor that would shame many professed Christians before God.  The difference is that their god is not the benevolent God that promises redemption for the errant soul, but an exacting taskmaster that demands obedience and compliance.  Up to now, he has left matters in the hands of his most trusted and influential dupes, the “elite” we all have come to despise, knowingly or not.  He will, however, soon be making a personal appearance, to receive the honor and glory he has coveted since the day God threw his ass out of Heaven.

So, we have this shipwreck of a world that has no idea how to solve it’s problems and never would if fate were not fixed toward it’s demise.  The rise and fall of nations throughout history have had two primary influences upon them and neither are human.  Either God working in man’s best interest and intervening at crucial times or Satan being allowed his sway with it’s natural and inevitable outcome.

So, what do we do?  Nothing?  Let God and Satan duke it out until Satan loses as he must?  Do we do whatever we can to ‘help’ God (or Satan, depending on your slant) and just wait?  Well, that’s something that we all must ascertain for ourselves.  For me, seeing the evil bastards of this world continually winning over us all, their minions scoffing and laughing… it pushes me to make life just a tad harder for them.  Mind you, every day that some asshole cuts me off in traffic in their mad dash to please his/her elitist masters at their menial job, endangering themselves and myself to make some impression upon these thankless scum, every time someone steals from me, lies to me/about me, pollutes my air, and every day some fabricated “terror” attack whips up a new round of paranoia to keep everyone cowed and on edge and bickering one with another, spying on each other and ratting each other out, I wonder… why bother?  Is society worth all of my concern?

I’m still wondering…

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