What Happened To Flight 370?

Years ago, I became interested in a phenomena known as The Bermuda Triangle.  In this area of the Atlantic Ocean, bordering Miami Florida, San Juan Puerto Rico and Bermuda, many ships and aircraft have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  There is also banter about the recent disappearance of a Malaysian airliner suffering a similar fate only on the other side of the world.

So, what exactly did happen with this most recent disappearance?

Hell, if I know.  These days, I stop short of offering any supernatural explanations, given the powers-that-be’s penchant for dropping airliners out of the skies and/or using them as artillery shells against huge buildings in metropolitan areas, for the purposes of starting wars for profit.  What happened in this case is still unknown to me.  I won’t discount the possibility that someone merely fucked up and caused the plane to crash somewhere in a region where ocean depths (like the Triangle) are quite deep and would consequently greatly inhibit any attempts to locate it.  Living in today’s world and daily witnessing the talent that people have for screwing up, only makes this possibility even more likely.

A noted conspiracy theorist, I’m not inclined to write this off as anything that our rogue government or any of it’s counterparts in the world are responsible for.  To date, I see nothing in this that would offer anyone in the new world order clique anything advantageous in the way of control or monetary gain.  Right now, all I see is yet another account of negligence on the part of pilots, controllers, what have you, that’s ended in the deaths of a lot of people that placed their faith in them getting them where they were wanting to go.  I mean, what’s so different about this than any other scenario where “customer service” is only a byword not to be taken too seriously?

For now, I’m consigning this to just another fuck-up that ended tragically.

Sorry.  Not very dramatic… life’s like that, you know.


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