We get the society we deserve.

Although we are often outspoken and vociferous in our indignation over the daily abuses we incur at the hands of government and various other authorities, nevertheless, nothing ever seems to change in that regard.  We go on complaining and they go on doing what they do.  Society is so well regulated, we go to our j-o-b’s, every week, put in our obligatory five days/40 hours or (usually) more, then take our time-out on the weekend to recharge for the next round of drudgery.

No one seems very energetic in attempting to change the status quo, preferring to take whatever compensation that they can from it and leave it at that.  The mismanagement of government by our supposed public servants gains momentum, each day.

Where am I going with this?  Currently, there are a couple of high-profile scandals going on in this country.  The Rob Ford fiasco in Toronto and the Senate debacle, both involving prominent politicians, even the Prime Minister, himself.  Even local judges are not immune to being naughty!  The immense resources tied up in these two circus acts can only be deemed as obscene, given the countless other concerns afflicting our society.  There has to be a great amount of effort going into not believing that all of this is just too coincidental.

While it’s pretty much accepted by most that society is an oligarchy ruled over by the rich and influential, there are still those that prefer to believe that everything is just the way it should be and that our leaders are competent and have our best interest in mind.  On this, the 50th anniversary of the shooting of President John F. Kennedy, himself an ardent believer in the globalist conspiracy, what has really changed in that time, regarding the way that countries are governed and managed?  What has really changed about the way people think and prioritize?

This weekend, there is a huge championship football game about to be played.  For weeks, now, the constant bombardment of media hype and local hysteria exhibited over a ball game has been disconcerting to witness.  People go nuts over what this writer deems the ‘national religion’… the preoccupation with and worship of games, even to the detriment of social interaction outside of the event, itself.  Entertainment and amusements have become the focus of our over-regulated society.  The things that used to matter, like managing our leadership and our family units, are second and third fiddle to amusing ourselves.

Does anyone notice the downturn in overall intelligence in our society?  How many can actually read and write properly, find their position on a map, articulate a sentence properly, without phrasing a statement like a question and/or inserting “like” or “so” in it, a dozen or so times, so that it makes up approximately 75 percent of the subject content.  Years ago, I mentioned this fact to a younger member of society… who promptly informed me that I needed to get a life.  Perhaps it is he that should examine his own life and wonder if he’s been short-changed in some way.  It’s also quite fashionable to insert “fuck” into this and that and everything, adding just a little more than emphasis to our communications.  Perhaps it’s the onset of literary Alzheimer’s and no one realizes it.

The reality is that society is not getting better.  If technology is your thing, perhaps there are advances, but, at what cost?  What advantage is there to having great medicinal cures if you’re going to eat and work yourself to death?  Fast cars, when your I.Q. is dropping due to to Outcome Based Education and you’re not smart enough to realize that there is more than one throttle position than on the floor?  Advances in media that allow you to see every failing of the Hollywood crowd, those that the young so worship and idolize?

Kennedy recognized that there are forces dedicated to ruining society, and those forces, in the end, got to him.  They continue to eat away at our social strata.  They are the Illuminati and they are the secondary threat to our continued prosperity and well-being.  The number one threat is our own apathy.


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