Remember What?

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day in Canada.  Everyone is called upon to remember the sacrifice of those that fought in the First and Second World Wars and Korea.  It also calls respect toward those that have fought in the latest skirmishes in Afghanistan and Iraq, etc.  Vietnam veterans, apparently, can go fuck themselves.  Their contribution wasn’t government sanctioned.  Funny, too, as that war was no less elitist-contrived and/or sponsored than the others.

Perhaps, though, we are not so much remembering the sacrifice as we are worshiping the act of war?  “Never again!”, was the mantra the first veterans embraced as they marched off to the meat grinder.  Well, war is still with us… and will continue to be with us as long as rich fucks can make a buck off of it and there is an ample supply of suckers willing to march off and die or be maimed for them.  We aren’t allowed to forget about war as it it is glamorized every year on Remembrance Day.

The ignorance of the first ones cannot be carried over to latter generations, not while the utter blatancy of greed on the part of nations and governments shines forth in the culmination of conflict.  The fact that false flags are routinely employed to justify illegal and immoral incursions into sovereign countries, cannot be ignored by ‘patriots’ whom must be accountable for what they do while employed as elitist enforcers.  Remembrance Day is simply a means of holding onto something that should be discarded.  War is something that should be reserved for any invasions upon our sovereignty and upon our soil.  That is not likely to happen, given our geographical and technological situation.

Nowadays, war is too easily justified.  Those that question it’s use are quickly vilified as “unpatriotic” and viewed as “communists” and/or scum.  Hypocritically, out of the other side of their mouths, these same accusers claim to loathe and condemn war.  Actions always speak louder than words, and their actions tell it all.

A former soldier, myself, I see nothing wrong with remembering those fallen.  But, when those that have never served or did serve and yet pass judgment upon those whose freedom of thought was bought by those fallen, the question arises… is there any point to Remembrance Day when those ‘remembering’ forget what it’s really supposed to be all about?

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