The Glamor Of War

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How long do we have to pay homage to the walking wounded before we grow the brains NOT to participate in their (the self-proclaimed elite) global conquests?

YouTube is rife with videos featuring the stories and testimonies of young men and women disfigured by bombs and other combat-related injuries, with all of the attending comments congratulating them and praising them for offering themselves up as sacrificial lambs for warmongering politicians and businessmen that really couldn’t care less if they lived or died.  In fact, the cabal that controls the governments of the world DEMAND human sacrifice, particularly, those of goodly youth and strength, in a perversion of the biblical sacrificial system.  This is evident by the ceremonies held annually at Monte Rio, California, a.k.a. Bohemian GroveBohemian Grove is a reclusive and exclusive resort where the world’s leaders and influential types gather to play games and consort with one another on how to make the common man’s life just a little more miserable without tipping their hand too much.  There is a lot of homosexual activity, too, with prostitutes brought in to service the ‘elite’, whom aren’t above a little interaction among themselves, too.

Human sacrifice goes back a long way, practiced by all of the major world powers, no less in these times of our so-called advanced and modern ‘civilization’.  It only proves that the dark side of man is always nearby and most likely to reveal it’s ugly nature when times are prosperous and the citizenry most susceptible by virtue of that prosperity.  War has been found to a very efficient and successful way of depopulating the planet while still satisfying the blood lust of those that claim to be our leaders.  Every major world leader is required to be a member of the cabal, in one level or another, and so must be ready to ensure a ready supply of sacrificial victims when called upon to do so.

Depopulation is also a goal of the self-proclaimed elite, in keeping with policies such as environmentalism and so-called “climate change”.  With these, man is blamed for the cyclic variances in the ecosystem, whom must then pay homage by sacrificing himself to appease the god of nature… whose adepts worship as Gaia.  (Ga-ya)  Gaia is also (not coincidentally) female, hence the term “Mother Nature”.  This leads naturally into the emasculation of society through feminism and the homosexual movement.

Getting back to the subject of war, it’s discouraging to see the circle of warmongering repeated, generation after generation, by a false sense of patriotism which engages youth of little life experience and less than sound judgment into going abroad and killing those whom would be happy to be left alone and left to mind their own business.  However, the business of war does not allow for any sovereign country to remain aloof from the centuries-old planned world-oligarchy, therefore, the need for cannon fodder will always find propaganda aimed at the flower of our society, playing on their developing emotions and blindsiding them into giving their minds and bodies to a collective of beasts to do with as they please.  Every generation has succumbed to these criminals in some form and fashion and will probably continue to do so.

War is glamorized by the propagandists, soldiers are made out to be heroes standing in the way of invading Muslim hordes itching to get at our land, women, etc.  Of course, the truth is that certain wealthy and influential individuals and groups are concerned with attaining as much power as they can, doing this through invading other countries and subjugating their populations.  To do this, they invariably need manpower, people willing to fight and die for them.  Unfortunately, every year, thousands willingly join up and inevitably witness and/or experience what these three men did.

War will only end when the ones that enable such a thing through their direct participation, refuse to comply with the patriotic bullshit spouted by the self-proclaimed elite and their puppets.  You will never see any of their offspring placing themselves in harm’s way, why should we send our progeny into the fiery furnace when they are not interested in sending theirs?


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