Freemen On The Land

There’s been a lot of banter, the last while, about a group that calls themselves “freemen on the land”, whom believe they are under the rule of old common law and that the modern law merchant-fashioned system does not apply to them or any human being, being the construct of men, specifically; international bankers and secret cabals of wealthy and influential individuals.

Well, historically speaking, they are correct in their statement that international banks hold the commercial deed to our present corporate-styled system of government and jurisprudence.  What concerns this writer is the way that many so-called adherents are using their knowledge to usurp and control individuals and their property  for their own benefit and increase.  One case comes to mind of a man that took over the rental property of a woman in Calgary, AB, claiming it as his “embassy” and that he, as a freeman, was entitled to live there as long as he liked, without compensating the woman, the legal owner.

There are many videos online that depict individuals encountering police officers, disputing their legal authority and oftentimes ending up in court over the issue.  Again, there is this devil-may-care, giddy sentiment about the individuals citing their rights, whom are often young people acting very immature, even boorish, with this knowledge.  Notwithstanding the patience of an officer or the court, they sometimes realize a short-lived ‘victory’ and become heady over this.  In the end, they receive more punitive measures than they would have if they had simply played it cool and observed the ‘rights’ they are given as citizens under the law.

While this writer is in agreement that we do not live in a free society, that there are certain conditions and obligations that we all must adhere to in order to co-exist with one another and the self-appointed authorities, it is best (for now) that we live in as close agreement with the system as is possible until the system is inevitably collapsed, as is the fate of all totalitarian systems.

Our modern-day Roman empire is doomed. The signs of decay are everywhere, in our society, government, judicial process, economy, commerce.  When it does fall, there will have to be an equitable and sustainable and practical system to take it’s place, as man is not a being that can live independently, apart from his peers.  That being so, there necessarily has to be some form of governance to keep the machinery working smoothly.

Know your rights under the law, because, the law is fickle, run by fallible human beings whom are arbitrary at the best of times.  The old maxim “a soft answer turneth away wrath” is as effective a tool as any knowledge of a system that affords little if any practical remedy from itself.


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